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Welcome to Color Me Coral Designs. Great corporate identity, advertisements and other design related products need not be focused solely on the art, but on effectiveness as well. With experience in Graphic Design and Marketing, we find the balance between form and function. On this site you’ll find samples of our work and general pricing information. Please feel free to look around, ask questions, and post comments. We look forward to hearing from you!


Corporate Identity

Corporate identity encompasses business cards, letterhead and everything in between. These pieces of communication and branding are literally the face of your company. Tools like these can make or break you. Make sure that the items you put in the hands of your consumer are worthwhile, interesting, and send a clear message about your business. When you are not face-to-face with a client, these print materials are what your customer will have left by which to remember you. You only get one first impression and it ought to be a lasting one. Check out our corporate identity package to get your company off on the right start.

Digital Imaging

We already know your pictures are beautiful, but do they need enhancing? From airbrush to photo restoration, you’ve come to the right place. Our digital imaging techniques produce natural-looking photos that bring out the best in a subject and add life to everything you’ve captured behind the lens. Trust our artists with your photos and they’ll return to you beautifully captured memories.


Every day consumers are bombarded by advertisements. This forces them to make quick assumptions and assessments about each business as these images pass rapidly before their eyes. A poorly designed ad, lacking organization or vibrance, tells your customer that your company lacks the same qualities—or worse yet, that it is struggling. However, an intelligently designed and placed advertisement can work wonders. Designs that are professional, eye-catching, and easy to read speak volumes about your business and spark interest in your consumer.


Your logo is an artistic interpretation of what your company stands for. Make sure it’s sending the right message! Our designers go beyond creating something visually attractive—our logos are specifically assembled to bring in business. We’ll start by getting to know you, your product, and your mission statement. Your description of these things, combined with color preferences, and our marketing expertise, will result in a finished product that draws in consumers while also encompassing your company’s goals, ideals, and attitude.

New Year’s Promotion

Looking to kick-start a new business next year? Or maybe your existing business just needs a facelift? For a limited time only, Color Me Coral Designs is offering 50% off all corporate identity designs. That means business cards, letterhead, logos, the works! Start the New Year off right with eye-catching artwork that brings in business!